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Indiana courts do not award alimony. However, in certain circumstances, the court may award temporary spousal maintenance before entering a Decree of Dissolution. It might also award spousal maintenance after finalizing the Decree of Dissolution.

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Determining Spousal Maintenance in Indiana

Spousal maintenance paymentWhen determining temporary spousal maintenance, the court should use the Indiana Child Support Guidelines to provide a useful reference point. Temporary spousal maintenance may be awarded by the court not to exceed 35% of the obligor's weekly adjusted income. This maximum award should be reserved for a spouse who has no income or no means of support.

If child support is ordered, the court should not award child support and temporary spousal maintenance that would exceed 50% of the obligor's weekly adjusted income. The court may order temporary spousal maintenance and/or child support as a dollar amount or "in‑kind" payments or obligations. It is important to keep in mind that the court may or may not credit temporary spousal maintenance payments against a final distribution.

Types of Post-Dissolution Spousal Maintenance

In Indiana, the court may award only three varieties of post-dissolution spousal maintenance: incapacity spousal maintenance, caregiver spousal maintenance, and rehabilitative spousal maintenance. However, the parties may agree to a specific amount of alimony subject to the court’s approval.

Incapacity Spousal Maintenance

If the court finds that the spouse is physically or mentally incapacitated and unable to support him or herself, it may award incapacity spousal maintenance during the period of incapacity.

Caregiver Spousal Maintenance

If the court finds that the spouse lacks enough property to provide for his or her needs and is the custodian of a physically or mentally incapacitated child, the court may award caregiver spousal maintenance.

Rehabilitative Spousal Maintenance

The court may award rehabilitative spousal maintenance for up to three years while the spouse needing financial assistance obtains employment-related education or training.

In awarding rehabilitative spousal maintenance, the court should consider:

  • The party's education level
  • Whether there was an interruption in the party’s education, training, or employment for homemaking or childcare
  • The party’s earning capacity
  • The time commitment and cost of enough education and training to acquire adequate employment

Modifying a Spousal Maintenance Order

To modify and change a spousal maintenance obligation after an alimony order has been entered, an ex-spouse must show a substantial change of circumstance that makes the terms unreasonable. If at least one year has passed, they could instead show that there is a difference of more than 20% between the current order and the amount that would be ordered if the Indiana Child Support Guidelines were applied.

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