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An In-Depth Look at Indiana’s Parenting Time Guidelines – Part 2

Tue Jul 31st, on Blog |

Last month, we published An In-Depth Look at Indiana’s Parenting Time Guidelines – Part 1. In that article, we looked at the first three major sections of the Parenting Time Guidelines, placing...

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An In-Depth Look at Indiana’s Parenting Time Guidelines – Part 1

Fri Jun 29th, on Blog |

When going through a divorce with children in Indiana, it is necessary to address the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines (the “Guidelines”).

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10 Ways to Help Your Children Cope With Your Divorce

Thu May 31st, on Blog |

As a parent, helping your children cope with your divorce can be one of the most difficult parts of the process. Regardless of how old your kids are, they are not likely to fully understand the...

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Indiana’s Divorce Process: What Can You Expect Once You or Your Spouse Files for Divorce?

Mon Apr 30th, on Blog |

When getting divorced, understanding what you can expect at each step along the way can help the process go more smoothly. From the legal requirements to the practicalities of attempting to resolve...

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7 Important Considerations for Preparing a Prenuptial (or Postnuptial) Agreement

Fri Mar 30th, on Blog |

For both married and unmarried couples, planning for the future is important. Circumstances will change and events will transpire; and, when they do, couples that have planned ahead will be more...

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What Issues Should You Consider if You are Thinking About Co-Parenting After Your Divorce?

Wed Feb 28th, on Blog |

Co-parenting is becoming an increasingly-popular choice for spouses with minor children. Unlike a traditional custody and visitation arrangement which requires the children to spend time with each...

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Preparing for Your Divorce: Q&A With Carmel Family Lawyer Joshua R. Hains

Wed Jan 31st, on Blog |

As you begin the process of preparing for a divorce, you will probably have lots of questions about a broad range of issues. While you should ask an attorney for personalized legal advice that is...

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Guide to Custody and Parenting Time in an Indiana Divorce: What Parents Need to Know

Fri Dec 29th, on Blog |

As a parent going through a divorce, preserving your relationship with your children is undoubtedly at the top of your list of priorities. In Indiana, neither the mother nor the father is favored in...

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Splitting Your Property in Divorce: Considerations for 10 Key Types of Assets

Thu Nov 30th, on Blog |

When you get a divorce, unless you have a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement that addresses property distribution, you and your spouse will need to divide your assets in a manner that is consistent...

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Should You Consider a Collaborative Divorce?

Tue Oct 31st, on Blog |

If you have been reading about the steps involved in getting a divorce, you have likely come across the concept of “collaborative law,” or a “collaborative divorce.” The collaborative approach...

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