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When it comes to family law, all cases tend to strike a chord with those involved. Guardianship cases, however, can be especially draining for everyone affected. You only want what is best for your loved ones. But with so much at stake, it can be difficult to see clearly and make decisions with an objective perspective. After all, when the care and wellbeing of another person is on the table, shortcuts are not an option.

Despite your best efforts to remain cool and collected, you may find yourself questioning your ability to handle the stress on your own. Rest assured that you are not alone in this, as many people struggle with the process of awarding or receiving guardianship of another person. So when tensions rise and emotions cloud your perception, an experienced Hamilton County guardianship attorney can help you navigate the process.

Understanding a Guardianship Case

Guardianship is generally awarded in one of three situations. The most frequent reasons for the bestowal of guardianship are in cases that involve a minor, an incapacitated senior, or a developmentally disabled adult.

Each of these cases can and should be handled with care, as the outcomes impact both those seeking to become guardians and those who will be affected by the guardianship verdict. Ultimately, all three stem from a basic acknowledgement that the senior, minor or adult in need of a guardian can no longer, or has never been able to, properly care for themselves. Regardless of the reason for entering into guardianship discussions, guardianship attorney Hains can assist you with the legal process.

Well-being and financial stability are two of the main issues considered when appointing a legal guardian. Those seeking guardianship rights must, therefore, demonstrate the ability to offer a high quality of life for the ward, while ensuring their financial security for the future.

Guardianship Attorney-Client Teamwork

When handling guardianship cases, Joshua Hains speaks extensively with each client to gain a better understanding of the current circumstances. All cases are fact-sensitive, but guardianship cases are especially so. Thus, it is essential to begin the attorney-client relationship with clear communication and transparency. Attorney Hains works specifically with each client’s individual needs, but can only do so once all of the details have been presented.

After gaining a comprehensive understanding of the case at hand, Attorney Hains can begin to address each element of the case, offering insight and guidance at each step along the way. Whether that means filing a petition, reaching out to the parents of the child in question, or waiting for further action, all clients are kept well informed of the progress being made.

An Experienced Approach

After a decade of experience in family law, Attorney Hains has navigated countless guardianship cases. This breadth of experience has situated him as a respected and trusted authority on family law matters in Hamilton County. Integrity, compassion and a commitment to client satisfaction are mainstays of his practice. So if you are in need of a guardianship attorney, contact Hains Law, LLC to set up an initial consultation.