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Child Support

Many individuals find it difficult to discuss finances, even with those who are close to them. An initial hesitation to discuss money coupled with the fact that the well-being of a child is on the table makes discussing child support a stressful process for parents.

Even the most easy-going of ex-spouses may have difficulty when it comes to determining fair monetary compensation. There are so many factors to take into consideration when determining what is fair, accurate and needed. These factors cannot often be fairly evaluated without outside assistance. Due to the challenges presented in child support cases, it is helpful to have the guidance and support of a Carmel child support attorney like Joshua R. Hains.

With a decade of experience in family law, Attorney Hains has a deep understanding of the legal system, especially as it relates to divorce proceedings and child support. He has handled a variety of child support cases from average to difficult and is prepared to help you and your family come to an agreeable solution.

Enforcement and Recovery

Often, after agreeing to the court order regarding child support, the parent responsible for paying the monthly amount will neglect to follow through. Failure to pay child support can be because of personal financial straits, negligence or a variety of changes in your ex-spouses living situation. However, if you have been left without the child support payment that was promised to you it is important to understand you have options. Joshua R. Hains can help determine what is owed to you so that you can continue to provide for your child or children.

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Calculations & Guidelines

There are many details to consider when creating a child support agreement. Understanding the varied factors is key to securing the monetary support you need to provide for your children or child. However, without an experienced and seasoned family law attorney, you may sell yourself short. Attorney Hains can offer a detailed explanation of child support calculations and regulations to help steer you down the right path.

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Modifications & Amendments

The choice to modify or amend a child support agreement is one that is never made lightly. Understanding the amount of effort and resources required to support the child in question is of the utmost importance. You may find yourself desiring a change to the order that was originally set forth for a variety of reasons. If this is the case, Hains Law, LLC can assist you.

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In certain cases, it may be necessary to terminate child support once the child in question has reached 18 years of age (and sometimes for other reasons). Emancipation is easier with the help of a seasoned family lawyer like Joshua R. Hains. Contact Hains Law, LLC to set up a consultation, so you can get a better understanding of your legal options.

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A Child Support Attorney With Your Best Interest At Heart

At Hains Law, LLC, Joshua R. Hains fully commits himself to every case he works on. Regardless of the size or scope, you can rest assured that Attorney Hains will provide the legal guidance you need. If you are interested in setting up a consultation, contact the office today.