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What is a Parenting Time Plan?

Mon Oct 31st, on Blog |

Parents who are divorcing or separating have to deal with a host of issues, but nothing is as important as taking care of the couple’s children. Many states allow custody agreements if the parents...

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What are the Different Types of Custody in Indiana?

Fri Oct 21st, on Blog |

If a married or unmarried couple decides to end their relationship and they have children together, the couple must deal with the issue of custody.

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How Paternity is Established in Indiana

Thu Sep 1st, on Blog |

Establishing paternity is sometimes confusing but it’s an important step for unmarried couples in determining the biological father of their child. It’s also important in instances where the...

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How to File for Divorce in Indiana

Wed Aug 24th, on Blog |

Making a decision to file for divorce is one of the most difficult decisions a spouse will ever have to make. Divorces can be stressful, but an experienced divorce lawyer can minimize stress. The...

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