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Archive: 2016

Domestic Violence and Its Impact on Custody

Mon Dec 26th, on Blog |

When awarding custody after trial, an Indiana court will take many factors into account. While the court must always consider the best interests of the child, one of the questions the court will ask...

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Enforcing Child Support in Indiana

Mon Dec 19th, on Blog |

Child support is money that is calculated by a state-approved formula and typically paid by one parent to the other parent for the support of their child or children. It can include money for health...

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Uncontested and Contested Divorce in Indiana

Wed Nov 30th, on Blog |

If spouses have decided to end their marriage in Indiana, they can be overwhelmed when figuring out what to do next. Many people realize they are better off with a lawyer than doing this on their own....

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Filing for Legal Separation in Indiana

Wed Nov 23rd, on Blog |

If a couple is unsure about their marriage but do not necessarily want to divorce, Indiana permits one of the spouses to file an action for legal separation against the other. The action for legal...

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What is a Parenting Time Plan?

Mon Oct 31st, on Blog |

Parents who are divorcing or separating have to deal with a host of issues, but nothing is as important as taking care of the couple’s children. Many states allow custody agreements if the parents...

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What are the Different Types of Custody in Indiana?

Fri Oct 21st, on Blog |

If a married or unmarried couple decides to end their relationship and they have children together, the couple must deal with the issue of custody.

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How Paternity is Established in Indiana

Thu Sep 1st, on Blog |

Establishing paternity is sometimes confusing but it’s an important step for unmarried couples in determining the biological father of their child. It’s also important in instances where the...

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How to File for Divorce in Indiana

Wed Aug 24th, on Blog |

Making a decision to file for divorce is one of the most difficult decisions a spouse will ever have to make. Divorces can be stressful, but an experienced divorce lawyer can minimize stress. The...

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