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High Net-Worth Divorce

A high net-worth divorce involves dividing a large marital estate. These marital estates may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Various pension funds, retirement funds, annuity funds, IRA accounts, tax-deferred compensation funds, profit sharing plans, 401(K)s, 403(B)s, ESOPs, ESPs, KEOGHs, IRAs and other retirement plans, funds or accounts;
  • Various bank accounts, life insurance and/or investment accounts;
  • Fine art, automotive and/or memorabilia collections;
  • Business ownership and interests (corporation, LLC, limited partnership, etc.)
  • Various pieces of private and/or commercial real estate;
  • Complex mortgages, loans and notes;
  • Large inheritance(s).

It is important to keep in mind that high net-worth divorces are subject to the “marital pot” theory. This theory places all of the couple’s property (assets and liabilities) regardless of title (jointly or individually) or if it was a gift, inheritance, or owned before the marriage, in one pot, which is subject to division. Indiana courts follow a rebuttable presumption that a 50/50 division is just and reasonable. However, the court may, after hearing relevant evidence, find that a party should receive a greater percentage of the marital pot.

The Hains Law, LLC Approach

Carmel high net worth divorce lawyer Joshua Hains represents individuals with high incomes (“bread winners”) who are doctors, dentists, business owners, CEOs, CFOs, professional athletes and their spouses to dissolve their marriage and divide their property (assets and liabilities). High net-worth divorces often involve discovery, which is the process of obtaining information from the other party and/or witness. The discovery process typically includes interrogatories (written questions answered under oath); requests for production (obtaining documents); and depositions (answering questions in person under oath with a transcript).

Given the complexity of high net-worth divorces, Attorney Hains works closely with forensic accountants, CPAs and financial advisors to ensure that his clients are well informed regarding their marital estate. With this information, his clients are able to settle or take their divorce case to trial. In a high net-worth divorce, Joshua R. Hains’ goal is to assist his clients in protecting their wealth and transitioning to life after divorce.

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