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Property Considerations for High-Net-Worth Divorces

Tue May 30th, on Blog |

For spouses in high-net-worth families, the division of property is a critical (and often complex) component of the divorce process. Under Indiana law, all assets owned by either spouse are...

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What Happens to Retirement Accounts and Pensions in an Indiana Divorce?

Mon May 22nd, on Blog |

When you get divorced in Indiana, as a general rule, any assets that you own are subject to division between you and your spouse. Indiana is among a limited number of states that follow this “all...

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Divorce Considerations for Indiana Business Owners

Fri Apr 28th, on Blog |

If you are a business owner, understanding (and protecting) your rights with respect to the business could be one of the most important aspects of your divorce. Indiana’s unique equitable...

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Preparing for a Divorce? 5 Facts to Know

Fri Apr 21st, on Blog |

Getting divorced is a process, and one of the first steps in the process is learning what you can expect the rest of the way. If you are preparing for a divorce, here are five key facts you need to...

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Indiana's Residency Requirement for Divorce

Fri Mar 31st, on Blog |

If you live in Indiana, you may assume that you can simply file for divorce in your local county court. But, this is not necessarily the case. In order to file for divorce in Indiana, you (or your...

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What are Parenting Time Guidelines?

Fri Mar 24th, on Blog |

In Indiana, parenting time refers to the concept known as “visitation” in most other states. In a typical divorce or custody matter involving non-married parents, one parent will be designated as...

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Indiana: Spousal Maintenance or Alimony?

Mon Feb 27th, on Blog |

If you would be surprised to learn that Indiana’s divorce laws do not recognize the concept of alimony, you are not alone. Most people assume that alimony is part of the divorce process, and that...

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How is Child Support Calculated?

Wed Feb 22nd, on Blog |

For both married and unmarried parents, calculating child support in Indiana requires application of the Indiana Child Support Rules and Guidelines (the “Child Support Guidelines”). In this...

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How is Custody Determined in Indiana?

Tue Jan 31st, on Blog |

In Indiana, all determinations regarding child custody focus on one thing: serving the best interests of the children involved. While this “best interests of the child” standard applies in most...

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No-Fault and Fault-Based Divorce in Indiana

Fri Jan 27th, on Blog |

When filing for divorce in Indiana, you have the option to file for either a no-fault or a fault-based divorce. While many states have done away with the concept of “marital fault,” Indiana law...

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